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Terms and conditions

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Terms and conditions

The G cannot be held responsible for erroneous or incomplete information transmitted by the Customer during the reservation process as below:

The Customer selects the Hotel where they wish to stay, The Customer selects their arrival and departure dates, and indicates the number of adults and/or children concerned by the reservation and then clicks on “book”, The Customer selects the type of room and then click on “book”, The Customer is provided with a summary of his reservation and has the possibility to make any modifications necessary to their reservation, The Customer fills in the “Guest Information” form with their identity and contact details (information marked with an asterisk is mandatory), The Customer choses his guarantee method between the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, The Customer then clicks on “book now”.

Once the Customer has finalized the reservation process on the Site as described above, the Customer will receive a confirmation email which will detail the Customer’s reservation information. If the Terms and Conditions applicable to the reservation require a prepayment of the reservation, the Customer will also receive a payment link to their email address, in order for the Customer to prepay their reservation. In this regard, prepaid reservations are only considered as confirmed once the corresponding prepayment has been made by the Customer.

It is your responsibility to ensure that payment is correctly and timely received by the Company. Accordingly, we accept no liability whatsoever in this respect, and we are under no obligation to notify you of any incorrect, rejected and / or declined payments. You shall also ensure that sufficient credit is available and in the event of a “declined” credit card payment, it is your responsibility to pay any additional fees and / or charges levied by either a nominated financial institution or the Company and you shall remain responsible to pay any due amounts. Without prejudice to the foregoing, you shall notify us immediately in the event of any failed transaction or if you face or encounter any technical problems associated with the Website or its use.
If any transaction is found to be incorrect, unauthorized or fraudulent, payment may be reversed and payments shall remain due. Payment transactions will be processed on the day the transaction is submitted for payment. The Company expressly disclaims any and all liability for processing delays, which may occur in any circumstance. Payment is not accepted (not deemed made) until the funds have been cleared.

Refunds of any payments (if any) made through the Website are subject to the terms and conditions of the Property Agreement. Any duplicate or excess payments received will be adjusted against future/subsequent invoices.
It is your responsibility to maintain document evidencing payment though the Website.

The Customer cannot withdraw from its reservation once it is placed in accordance with the reservation process described above.

In accordance with the Terms and Conditions, the Hotel will be entitled to charge a cancellation fee and, where applicable, all or part of the price payable by the Customer for their reservation, which will be deducted from the amounts paid in advance, where applicable, or from the amount withheld as a guarantee (if the reservation has not been paid in advance).

Any reservation or payment that is irregular, ineffective, incomplete or fraudulent will result in the cancellation of the reservation, without prejudice to any other right and/or remedy of the Hotel.

The Customer’s reservation will also be canceled without charge unless indicated otherwise in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

In accordance with the Terms and Conditions, in the event of a no-show (when the reservation has not been canceled and the Customer fails to arrive for their stay): if the Customer has made a prepayment in accordance, then such prepayment will be kept by the Hotel, if the reservation has only been guaranteed by credit card, the Hotel will debit total amount, equivalent to the amount of the Customer’s full reservation, from the Customer's credit card.

The applicable prices are indicated before and during reservation process. Prices are indicated per room for the number of person(s) and dates selected. The prices indicated on the Site are expressed in the currency selected by the Client at the rate applicable on the day the reservation is made. If payment to the Hotel is made in a currency other than the currency selected by the Customer, exchanges fees will be borne by the Customer.

Hotels may modify their prices at any time on the Site. Reservations are invoiced based on the price in force at the time of reservation confirmation by the Customer.

Depending on the Terms and Conditions applicable to the Customer’s reservation, payment terms may vary. In any event, the Customer will always be required to provide their credit card information when making a reservation online in order to guarantee their reservation. In addition, some rates will require a full prepayment in accordance.

The Customer will always be required to provide their credit card information when making a reservation online in order to guarantee their reservation then payment of the reservation is made directly at the Hotel during the Customer’s check-in, some rates will require a full prepayment in accordance. In this case, the Hotel will debit their credit card with the full prepayment of total stay in order to guarantee booking of the amounts corresponding to the services provided by the Hotel.